Hello, Winnipeg!

In the vast landscape of the great Canadian prairies rests the quaint little city of Winnipeg. Home of Winnie the Pooh and some of the most exceptional people. Winnipegers are by and large comprised of a myriad of different cultures, which makes it a very special place for anyone and everyone.

Hello Winnipegcelebrates the small wonders of the city from the individuals that inhabit its parts to every nook and cranny that makes it what it is. This space seeks to showcase the people and the places that embody what Winnipeg was, is and will become.

We’ll introduce you to the makers and doers that put Winnipeg in the map; what their day in the city looks like and their favourite spots. We’ll revise your memory as we dive into the history of the city; the legends that made their name in their fields whose roots started from here. We’ll give you a glimpse of what is to come for Winnipeg in the future after all the construction is said and done. 

Winnipeg, as small as it is for a city, is full of spots with their own diverse communities. A place with many little pockets of polarizing personalities and peculiarities, each of which is a story of its own. It’s as if to say, people are places too. The way they live their lives is derivative to the essence of the city. It’s the people that define the place.

Hello Winnipegserves as a platform for stories and novelty that reflect the sentiment of what it means to hail from a city like ours. Showing our progress in terms of how far we’ve come as a city and our potential for more as we continue to grow. We aspire to represent and remain true to Winnipeg’s values through our words and products. It is our hope that the work we do have the ability to add to the the identity of Winnipeg as a place and people.

There is a warmth to be had whenever people can come together in company and conversation—Winnipeggers know this much, and well. Perhaps that’s how we are able to persist through the coldest days. So if we may implore you, please sit tight and stay a while. We have a lot of stories to tell.

Words by Daniel Basanes

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